Game Of Life

This is the post excerpt.


Well, yes! That’s what we all need to learn for life.. 

It’s the game of moments. Life is full of innumerous moments. It gives us innumerous chances to prove ourselves, to shape life as per our norms and live it. Living life the way we want make it change by the course of time. As I stated above, “moments“. You live and invest the moments as you want the scenery of life to look like and it becomes one.. 

I just said the Secret of life in the above lines. Go through them again and think.. 

Now, the heart of the matter. How to stay persistent with that image in the mind till it becomes your reality?

Well, that’s what the game is all about! You HAVE to control your senses to work in the required direction, you HAVE to give up things that hinder you and you HAVE to be unaffected what the world thinks of you and wait till the time your efforts bear the results.. 

I wrote the “have” word in caps because this is the keyword to success. Once you put this caps word to your thoughts or behind your goals, that “I HAVE to become ____” or “I HAVE to have ____ in life”, all the caps “have”s will turn into “I’ll do..” to “I am doing ….” and ,finally, to “I do……” This very transition is the one, which once witnessed, the person simply is known as a Successful person in life.. 

So, keep spending the moments in the wisest possible manner. If you want to see the scenery of yours to turn out to be something specific, all the milestones that come into your way, no matter how adverse they prove to be, become a part of your lifestyle. And when you live the life that you love or you long for, do you need to call it a struggle? 

I don’t think so.. 

So, whatever you want in life, just add the steps to your lifestyle and you are there.. 

As they call it, time is money; it really is.. 

Author: chetandhiman97

Learning is what keep you going further in life. Till the time you are learning, you Live. That's exactly what I try to convey from my Blogs. I write purely out of Life Experiences. The texts might include many cliche and famous lines, but they help me in expressing my message better. So, Enjoy Reading! And Keep Growing! :)

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