You call it fate?

We all say, “Yes, that’s fate! It was destined to happen one or the other day.”

What is fate? It’s the set of conditions that you are born in, the people whom you meet and certain stages that you come across..

But are the results of your actions guided by the fate? Think about it.

You studied your entire semester, worked hard against every other shortcoming and when you are unable to get the desired results, you call it fate.


Well, let’s first redefine fate.

According to me, consider the life as a game of cards. Fate is limited to the extent of what cards you get to play the game of life. Karma is the way you use those cards to meet the purpose of playing the game. Whatever tricks you apply, whatever actions you perform, become the reason for success or failure.

Focus on the cards that life has served you with. None of others’ cards would work for you. Certain tricks might! 😉

Only for the sake of learning those tricks, we need a GURU in life. A Guru might be our parents, teachers, elder siblings, friends or anyone with the experience.. Or a Spiritual Satguru..

For searching solutions, Silence works the best.

Try to silence your mind for a minute. No thought should enter your mind, just peace everywhere.. (please take a minute and try!!)

Did it work? I bet it didn’t (atleast that easily)!

Silence is what makes us focus on our cards in the best possible manner, to come up with the solutions. And here comes the role of a Guru, who renders you this inner peace by showing you the right path..

For a Guru in life, Keep thinking of a person by heart, who enters your life to unveil the mysteries. As I mentioned in the earlier blog, you live the life that you want the scenery of your life to look like; and soon it becomes one.

Don’t blame the fate! Keep a check on your cards! Always be ready to learn. Respect your current GURUS and always be in the search of the One to set you on the right track.

May Guru bless your fate!


Author: chetandhiman97

Learning is what keep you going further in life. Till the time you are learning, you Live. That's exactly what I try to convey from my Blogs. I write purely out of Life Experiences. The texts might include many cliche and famous lines, but they help me in expressing my message better. So, Enjoy Reading! And Keep Growing! :)

6 thoughts on “You call it fate?”

  1. Silence is something full of answer👌 . I totally agree with you . But 100% ideal things are not available . So if we work hard to control our thoughts then we also know how to implement positive thoughts . We should try to be moderate .
    “Overthinking and Oversilence” both are equally responsible for Unhappiness .
    Keep writing 😎 . Show must go on 🤘🤘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wise words!! Good point about fate.. Sometimes whatever you do, you cannot change anything. Just like in Hillary vs Trump, no matter who won, fate just wasn’t ( and isn’t) on America’s side 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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