India Vs Pakistan-from my view

“They are going to loose this time.” to “We lost from Pak” transition felt quite harsh for us.

Indian cricket team lost for the very first time in a major international tournament against Pakistan, that too in the finals!

It’s all Virat Kohli’s fault!! Darn every other player of the team!! : Such insane comments were echoing throughout the nation.

Are we that negative in out thoughts? Think again and, if you are one of those futile screamers on the streets, think a hundred times about what follows below..


India won matches against the best of international teams, reached the finals so gracefully and made the nation proud! Nobody pays their heed to that! As if the boys made it to the grand ICC International Tournament Finals just by brooming the fields and maintaining them, instead of playing there!

Yes, it was not our day, it doesn’t mean the players don’t deserve their share of respect! If you want to have some publicity by bursting the TV sets, be it! Because had you been a true cricket fan, let it be a layman like me, you would have respected the players and their efforts. We were in such a great form throughout the tournament, which cannot be ignored because of a night’s bad play!

Accepting a failure in not a failure itself, it’s a learning! If you learn from your mistakes, look forward not to repeat them and omit them completely from your life, you can achieve greatness! And that’s what we should cheer our players for! You never know, they might learn from this failure and become the greatest cricket team on Earth for the next decade!

All of this is only possible with a strong belief of the fans in their heroes…

Bumra missed out because of No Balls, Pandya couldn’t give his best “till the end” because of Major mistake of Jadeja and so on… Every other player did mistakes.. But all of that is a past! If the team feels that much hurt, let this fuel them and let them try again the very next Tournament! And the parents of young players, nurture your children to represent India to that extent, if you don’t want this so much to be repeated by team India.

On the contrary, Indian Hockey Team won against Pak in the Hockey World League by 7-1! What about them? Who was celebrating for our heroes? Don’t they represent India on an International stage? Are they playing for their country, which hardly cheers for them, cares for them? Yes, they still play and that too, like champions. Alas, we hardly know their names and we were busy in cursing Virat and his team.


Question Yourself every time before cursing the players who play their sport as if they worship it and represent more than a billion of us..

I’d love to congratulate Indian Hockey Team for winning the Semi-Final and wish them luck for the finals. And best wishes to the Indian Cricket team for giving their best in the upcoming world titles, learning from their mistakes in the past.

No matter what, learning is important. 



Author: chetandhiman97

Learning is what keep you going further in life. Till the time you are learning, you Live. That's exactly what I try to convey from my Blogs. I write purely out of Life Experiences. The texts might include many cliche and famous lines, but they help me in expressing my message better. So, Enjoy Reading! And Keep Growing! :)

2 thoughts on “India Vs Pakistan-from my view”

  1. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.
    J.K. Rowling

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