Am I Living for Myself?

Am I living for myself? 

We might call this as a fundamental question that one should put to oneself, every now and then, for the sake of self -assessment.
Look around! The world is full of people who are not living for themselves. Their choices are a result of the people they are surrounded with. They don’t know how to stand out, confidently with their own mindset and thinking.. 

Going with the trends is what they presume to be right. But that should not be the case always! One should hold to one’s own perspective firmly, despite of the atrocities of life. (Of course, exceptional conditions are always there, trends might not be wrong always.. πŸ˜‰ )

If my friend went to an exotic vacation, I too want one! If my friend bought a new ride, I desperately want one! If my friend bought an iPhone, I’m ready to sell my kidney, but I want to have one.. 

What is this? Okay, even if you stand with all the money in the world, will you be satisfied after getting the above mentioned stuff? Is that your life’s agenda, to live it in accordance with the others’ life? 

Think about it..

You won’t be at all!

Because ultimately, it was the other person’s longing. You longed for it so as to match up with that person’s life. Amidst all these false pursuits, one just looses out on having a hold over oneself, which is one of the most important things in life!

One should always be practical in life. If my friend went for a vacation, there may be uncountable reasons on his side; be it he managed his time well to fetch some leisure, he is financially sound enough to afford it or any other! On the contrary, if I stand with even a single reason that leaves me to ponder upon it; be it I’m too busy for a vacation, I’m short of finances for it or any other, I should rather focus over the other issues, rather than living a life saddened by an issue which appears to be totally irrelevant for my life, presently..

The Solution? 

Well, it might be subjective, but the most common and “patent” solution of all is known as “Need”. Direct your actions as per their grave need in life, else than just doing it because the other person did it.. That’s possibly the best way to live a highly practical and justified life..

People are living away from their own fabric and going towards material. They say, “Wow, the other person is so happy after possessing that thing, I think I should also have the same, to be happy!”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work quite often.. 

Every other person is Unique! And hence, they have their own equations of life.. One should evaluate himself accordingly and search for the keys accordingly.. 

Celebrate Uniqueness, Shine with the shimmer that lies in Your fabric.. 


Author: chetandhiman97

Learning is what keep you going further in life. Till the time you are learning, you Live. That's exactly what I try to convey from my Blogs. I write purely out of Life Experiences. The texts might include many cliche and famous lines, but they help me in expressing my message better. So, Enjoy Reading! And Keep Growing! :)

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