The Art of Decision Making…

So, I’m back, yet again with another of my blogs, and it’s about DECISION MAKING.
(what’s so special about it? – Many of you would ask..)
But if you think, it does happen to be an art form itself!
Decision making implies to choosing for a particular action or way of doing a thing in life, with respect to the factors affecting it.
Yes, The Factors.. The moment these come into existence, “confusion” kicks in!
Now, many of my friends must be cursing me for choosing this for a topic, as I’m PATHETIC as hell in making decisions.. 😝
But I was also told that I’m not the only one who researches through the internet to its deepest possible extents before reaching to a final, justified verdict! (Thanks for making me feel normal again!)
Hence, I observed my retard condition (sometimes laughing at yourself teaches you a lot!) and reached to certain tips that might help in saving some time..
Firstly, “Keep it simple, silly!”
Simplicity is the key! The more one keeps the things and choices straight and simple, the more it’s easy to look at them and come up with the required outcome! Complicating things up only leaves one with a jumbled mind, in the middle of nowhere!
Secondly, consider one factor at a time! Thinking about more than one factor at a time might actually lead to unwanted endings of the cycle of thoughts.. (I call it “collision” of thoughts, leading to accidents) Pen down all the factors and think about each one of them, one after the other. (As they say, It’s better late than never! Haste and quickness have a very minute difference!)
Then, of course, comes the lethal thing of all!
Any guesses? (Please make some, though it’ll be told anyway!)
The very famous, the very popular…….
……..OVER THINKING!!!! (I Suffer from this, every now and then.)
Trust me, it’s no less than a syndrome! And there are people who suffer from this, unknowingly! (this is exactly where I find myself lucky enough 😉)
Yes, coming up with useless thoughts out of some other useless thoughts, leading to uncertain decisions in life! That’s what I call as Over Thinking. (Yes, I can write a thesis on it 😝)
Researching is one thing. You think about a thing. You start researching on the internet, searching for its pros and cons, and people’s feedback as well, which is important, especially in money related decisions. But reading the same old stuff again and again.., disturbing others’ conscience for its sake, is what’s no less than the violation of Human rights! You not only affect your peace of mind, but others’ too! All this not only affects the decision, but also the everyday chores!
Hence, in order to make things smooth sailing, prioritising things always helps! Factors too hold certain value accordingly. Hence, it’s always better to pen down things to have a better look at them (as mentioned above) and not to miss out on any of the chief factors, as per priority..
Fourthly, stick to the small conclusion(s). While considering one factor prior to the other, one should stick to the more important one firmly, instead of doubting it again and again, and take the analysis further. It only leads to confusion, suppressing our sense of observing more crucial things.
Fifth and the most important factor! Our intuition.. The gut feeling that we get in the first place for a thing, or that we also refer to as our heart’s voice or the sixth sense, makes it very easy for a person to make quick, yet accurate decisions in life.
Of course, this is the only why Decision Making is taught as a subject in Management courses. I haven’t come across any of such formal articles as yet, but still, I’ve written only conclusions out of my experiences, to save the readers from wasting time and committing mistakes.
After all, we learn from our mistakes only.. I’ve shared some of the learnings.
Please enlighten me and the others with some of your learnings and experiences through the comments!
And (FYI), I also missed out on highlighting the third point. Do comment below what it is! Will mention it right here after at least 10 near about guesses. 😉
All the best with your decisions!
God bless! Keep learning!!!


Author: chetandhiman97

Learning is what keep you going further in life. Till the time you are learning, you Live. That's exactly what I try to convey from my Blogs. I write purely out of Life Experiences. The texts might include many cliche and famous lines, but they help me in expressing my message better. So, Enjoy Reading! And Keep Growing! :)

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