Let it hurt or Let It Go!

yes, it demands for immense courage at times.. But hey! If you could Yourself attract it, You should yourself be capable enough to contain it and let it go! Read more inside! 🙂


Letting Go off something, someone or some thought, is what I’ll write about.. That’s the thing. One of the hardest things to do and one of those most relieving actions a human mind is capable enough of performing!

It’s a big deal, as one of our demons, “EGO”, makes it difficult. And some others too, like Attachment, social conduct, etc. These difficulties make the impact of the thing to be let go off much deeper and realisable, once it’s gone. The following photo tells how attachment could be demon!

But that’s how things work! You can put this like, till the time you learn to let go off things, you cannot learn to have oneness with the self. You cannot have an understanding of the terms like EGO and other demons that keep you away from it, subjectively in each case. In order to omit a demon, your first step towards it has to be realisation. That’s how things go hand in hand! You cannot be relieved till you Let things go and for that, you realise your demons first, face them in the eye and that eventually helps in omitting the demons themselves too!! Or gain control over them, as they say, “You Don’t kill your demons, You Live Above Them!

That’s the very reason you feel relieved.
I’ve quoted the same before, how our mind is that monkey who always needs some or the other thing to play with. Some or the other Thought, always resides within, be it the thought of lacking the thoughts themselves! Be it the Thought of nothingness itself, there Is something always!! (Talking about the average human beings Though 😋 ) Till the time you let go, that thing resides with you, reminding of the damage a memory caused to the heart.. It reminds you how you got affected by that memory. It’s more or less like Punishing yourself every moment you spend with it!

Yes, one of the incidences that occured with me made me write it all down. I myself created something more of an issue. I was thinking about it for much of the time. I myself gave it importance and yet, as it resulted into something much catastrophic or, we can say, much disheartening, I could realise the same! And this realisation itself yielded into another one, leading me to letting go off that Thought! Just the learning remains now for a thought in that crater..
I could see how we ourselves complicate things, whereas they are simplified enough! We just chase it knowingly, despite of it causing damage to our being! Isn’t it stupidity? You create a thought, because of the demons of someone else along with yours playing the smaller role and you get hurt alone by overthinking about it! What else could be more wastefully occupying as compared to that!

Just imagine how much non-returnable time and energy it costs you! Just think of the potential of a loving heart got wasted because of that one Thought!

You CHOOSE to think about the demons of the others and hurt yourself? Does it even sound Legit? Yet, we do the same, knowingly or not, we do!! And it causes pain and suffering..

Letting go off things is like cleaning off your own self created garbage inside your head. Yes, you feel for the crater it created in the mind, the space it vacates, but it’ll heal in no time!

If you’ve had your demons, you are sure to posses some Angels as well!! Think of them! Challenge yourself everytime you feel sad about the craters, for the angels are sure to fill those with productivity and happiness…

Living above your demons doesn’t sum it all up, but trusting your Angels is equally or more pivotal, when it comes to healing…


Whenever in the darkest of the hours, you’ve got to talk to yourself. There’s just one engine that pulls you out of that well of dilemma and failure; Your Own Will… A short read this time.. #TalkToTheSelf

Yes, Will. One of the elements that we or atleast I fail to notice every now and then. A gift of nature, to almost every other living being on this planet, its Will.

Think about it.

No matter what your discrepancies had been in the past. No matter how those small crevices in the character have resulted into fathomless trenches now. It could all be possible because you Let go off things..

Just now, I watched a couple of inspirational videos by Eternal Explorer on the YouTube. Both of them emphasised on “Vision” and “Uniqueness of Oneself”. That forced me to think and I could barely ignore the fact, that whatever has made such a simple life to be complicated, is the result of lack of that vision. It is a result of the lack of that very “Will” that could have made all the difference.

Just show Will towards changing. Just display dedication to your visions.
It’ll be a matter of a mere Blink of an eye the moment you realise that all this time, it was Your Will that was missing in Turning the things your way.

You want to look good and feel better by following a healthier lifestyle. But you are unable to.. Ever asked why? Because you never showed that will towards seeing yourself that way. You never spent time with yourself, visualising yourself as a lean and fit person. You never showed that “Will” towards transforming into a better you.

When are you going to be tired of being the sluggish yourself? When are you going to be tired of baring with the pathetic state of yours that you live with, Shamelessly?- Yes, Say this to yourself if you are lost in the persuit of nothing… Do whatever works for you, but remember, Time is ticking… It barely gives a damn to what you are doing. It barely stops, it barely turns back like that in the Avengers… Just remember this.
It’s with you. It’s just that you don’t want to look at yourself in the eye and feel it strong. You don’t want to feel that will, that directs you to the goals. You are in harmony with the careless one you live to be and least want to live the Extraordinary, THE UNIQUE YOU!!!

Coz when you will, no matter what you have, no matter what distractions you come across, no matter what attrocities fall in front of you; till the time you feel the Content, the Will and the Vision, You Are Unstoppable.

That “Will” is the only chance that can bring you back and nothing else, none else…
That too in just a Blink of an eye! Mark it before it’s too late…

The Teacher

And we are back to the elementary school, where we were spoon fed with all the values and knowledge, reciting with the teacher and writing in our notebooks, with a pencil.

Gone are the days and here we are, where teachers talk just in the name of deadlines. The priorities have changed, to get the marks for fetching a good job!

That’s all, right?
But there’s more to life…

Think about it.

A teacher is the one who teaches us a thing or two, someone who imparts knowledge for the betterment of the society.
But why to limit that to a person alone? Why to remember that vigor of a person only?

Biggest teachers of all? I call it, Life. In fact, many of us do and agree!

Some call it a game, some call it a teacher. We’ll talk about it for a game sometime else, here it’s our best teacher in this one!
Some say the teacher is very harsh. It’s hard to decode what the teacher intends to say! Whereas, others tend to enjoy it’s saying! Yet, there are people who live being least bothered what this teacher has on offer!

No matter how the teacher behaves with you, his sayings have one or the other lesson hidden into the words, it’s just that we are careless as students.

He’s like a drama teacher, with innumerous props to act with. Yes, Props. These props are the emotions. Sometimes, it is Sorrow, followed by Joy. Someday it has dilemmas on offer. and we have to act accordingly! Just like Face Masks! Yet we get affected and see as if they become one with us…
It is just that we don’t seem to like it always.

Neither do we like the monotony of these emotions, yet we tend to get disturbed with the transitions Strange, isn’t it?
But there are seldom the moments where no lesson is involved. whether we like it or not, we are thrown upon by these emotions to test our metal, sometimes irrespective of our comfort zones, sometimes in a pampering and comforting manner.
Ever noticed how a fly tastes honey or something sweet and sticky? Yes, the fly keeps its wings in the air, drinks the honey and flies away. Now, had the fly got her wings wet into the honey, it would have got her wings spoiled forever and would have never been able to escape! it would have got trapped! Same is with emotions.
Consider those emotions and situations to be the honey. Till the time you keep your wings, or the real self away from the situation, easier will it be for you to get through the transition of situations by the course of time, without getting much affected and also having the best of experiences!

You won’t learn to fly, unless you are pushed out of the nest.
And when life does the same for your betterment, you overthink “why”, instead of looking for the apt action required. Bursting the bubbles does hurt, yet helps in viewing the things which were present always, yet hidden.

Now, you’ll ask, where i got this observation from? well, there could be many sources. this particular one was shown by my spiritual Guru, more like a tuition to be at par with the exams that follow.

But, I believe, if you’ve got the vision, hunger for extracting the best of learnings, Life is not that bad for a teacher.

Just seek for the reason of a particular situation being thrown at you and you are sure to come up with your response to it, to play it safe!

Moral of the abstract, you ask?

Life is the best teacher. We just have got to have that vision to neutralize things in the first place, seek for the reason behind the situations and that itself gives the key, to what life demands us to act like or learn from it. This helps in adapting accordingly and with much ease, leading one to strengthening the mindset and bearing whatever life throws upon one.

Hence, being a keen observer and lesson-hungry will set the mind free from worry and pain, supported by ingredients of optimism and Compassion and life will be much easier, to enjoy the stay…

None has escaped the class alive! And yet we choose not to accept the truth and live in pain.

Pain was just a symbol from life’s side, demanding change to be reflected in one’s character. It is just that, one chooses never to pay heed.

Rise above your demons, see the broader picture. The pieces of your fix lie in the riddle itself. You are being too anxious to look at it. Just pause, see and let it go.

And the credit for all this, yet again, goes to the great teacher, named, Life…


Feeling heavier on the inside? Searching for a way out? Yes, you yourself are the key. It’s just the Expression that makes you let go of that and keeps you going! Give a read here…

One of the things that I find myself pathetic at, when it comes to expressing it out live. Have suffered so many times now that, it had become mandatory “to express” it out here now.

Expression. Conveying your thought, mindset or some message through one or the other medium is named as expression. Well, that was its formal side. But is it actually so?

Think about it.

As humans, we are blessed to have emotions, along with the possession of the languages to portray them. Irrespective of the emotion, be it sorrow or happiness, be it anger or pacification. Be it thankfulness or any other that is meant to be stated by the heart, it has to be expressed.

As I mentioned above, “…meant to be stated..” Yes, we all have emotions, but only few exist to be kept within. But, when to express them then? Emotions were never meant to be buried within the heart. It makes it heavy for the person to live with it! We all have faced it innumerous times.

Expression is very important! Else, it itself makes the existence of that emotion futile! No doubt we all have certain emotions to be kept to ourselves only due to the existence of our insecurities, but if we are so uncertain of the arrival of our end, what makes us keep that inside? What makes the point of hiding the emotions?

Expression is the way out. It lets you out whatever lies inside. The medium doesn’t matter, what does is the purity and lack of adulteration till it reaches the person or thing it is meant to be.

Art forms stand out to be a perfect medium of letting out one’s imaginations. Be it anything! From painting, dancing to modern art and music! They give us the colours to portray ourselves inside out, with zero hesitation and feel the freedom of life. It sets us free from what actually restricts us, binds us.

Once you are through with the Expression, you are free from its degradation within and feel lighter than ever!

In my case, its music. Be it any mood, any colour of the reality being observed, any contrast that dwells within, music is the perfect medium for me to let that instantaneous hue of life out and get free from it. I feel it more, I listen to or sing the songs accordingly and get my fix. The musical notes of nature and frequencies coincide with that of mine, as if they create a person himself who’s there to share the conflicts, the pain or the happiness. Doesn’t it happen with you too?

You get to experience the abstract of others’ lives through those frequencies. Even the monotonous nature varies from person to person, depicting one’s state of mind. You get to know one’s sufferings, one’s experiences, one’s dilemmas and one’s learnings, which can be shared in that way!

Credit for all this goes to expression. Had the person not let it out, it would have corroded the soul from within. There are certain stages where they eat you inside out and leave nothing behind. What would you prefer, convey the feeling meant to be? Or let it have you…

When none appears around, it’s the expression of that feeling in one or the other way around to find your fix. No matter what it could be, no matter how intense its effect may be, it has to be let out one or the other day. So why not be it today, where even the very next breathe is haunted by uncertainty?????

And you see, the musicians, actors, dancers, painters, writers etc., are the people who have been successful in life, as they sought the perfect fix for their emotions to be expressed in the right direction! They paved the ways out and used that sense of being true to themselves so beautifully that it created their big names to be remembered forever. It not only shaped their careers, but helped them live a life less ordinary. That’s pretty fascinating!

Be it speech, texts, pictures, paintings, gifts, music, fitness or any other worst of all kind of a medium, that defines you the best; just take it for a weapon and let it out. It’s now or never. And better make it now, for the gift of life is meant to be lived, not let go in vain…..


Yes, Fuel! 
As you read the word, you must be wondering what this blog could be about.. Will it be regarding petrol, diesel, gasoline or some other source of energy? Of course, these first thoughts are likely to strike the mind. But this one has to be something else, as the fuels hardly coincide with my fields of interest, as many of you might be knowing me.. 

But yes, I highlighted the word, “Source of energy” for a reason..

Yes, it’s all about the fuel. You dream something.. You see many people living it.. You want to see yourself as well sharing the same stage.. But what acts as a differentiating factor, is the “Fuel” that leads you there.. 

Now you might say, how petrol could help one achieve one’s goals. Or I took the phrase “hitch your wagon to the stars” too seriously..!

Well, not really..


Certainly, it isn’t petrol.. Rather, it could be anything! It could be the goal itself.. It could be the fear of not reaching the goal.. It could be the sneers of the world challenging your abilities.. It could even be you yourself! 

We all have our fuels, but what really matters is to save it and use it when the time demands. Performance is the need, fuel is the key!

Some forget such fuels, while the others utilise every single bit to make their goal a part of their reality. A fuel is very important to get going. Once a person is short of fuel, he might get lost in the course of time and loose the streak or consistency in tackling various ups and downs between himself and his target. The undulations will try their best to thrash you down to the floor. They’ll break you, beat you, harass you. But what really matters, is getting up again and asking, “That’s all?” Well, that’s the gift of your fuels…


And refueling in regular intervals is, hence, very important! Again, there might be innumerous ways of achieving that. From meditation to an exotic vacation, it could be anything! You have to find out what works the best for you.. But a universal weapon of choice could be introspection.

So, “Hitch your wagon to the star”, guys!! For the fuel is in the air! Grab it and get going!!! 


Life is all about passion. We’ve heard this statement a million times from our elders, let it be our parents or cousins. But are we actually aware of it? And if “luckily” yes, are we doing anything about it? 

Think about it…

“Beta, Padhle, inn sabse kuchh ni milna! Ban ja kucch!”

One or the other time, we have heard this statement from our parents. But is it so? To some of the extent, YES and to some, it isn’t! 

Academics is a mind game itself. Either you are knowledgeable enough to make it a child’s play. Or you study smart to score well. But in both the situations, you use your brain! And for brain to function in its best efficiency, it needs to be happy! That work or any verb that gives you That “much needed” happiness is PASSION.. 

Every other mind on Earth is programmed to do something that the other cannot do. We just need to pick that thing and work upon it to create the uniqueness and call ourselves as successful. 

 Art is very important. I myself lost the musician in me amidst the race of marks and have not been able to fetch marks either! (Atleast presently 😋 ) All of that is my fault alone! We all are the culprits of the artist who dies inside, if we do not nurture him by practising the art he loves……… 

Our society needs to get the above statement! Every Art in every human being is a gift of nature, a blessing! We need to listen to him and devote some part of our time everyday to it. 

If you paint, portray your heart’s desire everyday! If you sing, practise and nurture yourself like there’s no other voice in the world to match yours! If you dance, dance till your very last breath! And after you’ve put every other breath to your passion, you’ll discover that it becomes the very reason for your existence. It gives you innumerous breaths to “live” and justify “living”.

Just a small caution: Your passion should not hurt anybody else, instead, it should  act as a life-giving medicine to others’ lives and enlighten them..

Take that musical instrument out today to rejoice the musician inside you; pick that brush again and stroke it against the blank canvas with the colours of your thoughts; in short, Start living again.. Practice the art that you’ve been blessed with..

Trust me, if you follow your passion from your heart, “Mummy bhi maan jaengi!” 😉 

Of course academics are important to earn a living (as taught by our system 🙈) But you have to be a multi-tasker, if you want to LIVE. Then that “busyness” won’t be a struggle, it’ll give a goal to you and a reason to make the days count. 

As they say,” Don’t count the days, make the days count!” 


“Stop thinking and talking, Start doing!”