Thank You!

It’s been one year for this medium to exist between me and my readers! Beautiful the journey has been and I hope it just continues to be! Happy Reading! Many more to come! 🙂


Well, yeahh! It has been such a beautiful experience for me to be with, all the way through an entire year! Yes, I registered here and started writing my blogs almost one year ago!

How time flies…

The journey wasn’t easy at all. Writing wasn’t the problem, but the learnings didn’t come that easy… They had a cost, almost always.. But, they are forever to stay.

I’d like to thank all the readers for encouraging me, pointing at my flaws so that I could mend them and complimenting my thoughts in their own invaluable ways too!

I’ll say, Overthinking could be put to work too! Haha! I’m a very Bad Overthinker, I must say! But it finally found its way, through my writing and my music. I haven’t done anything so far to broadcast my music, it’s been writing so far that I could come up with.

But yes, that’s how you make it. That’s how, you live out of the pieces thrown at you! I haven’t done anything incredible, I believe. But, if any of my blogs has helped out any of my readers in the slightest possible manner, I’ll call myself successful. For that stood to be one of the few reasons that made me write my thoughts on a broader level. So that, sharing could ease out the bearing.

And they say so right! So will I go and write for many years to follow!

I just hope, you keep reading my blogs in the similar fashion, for you only encourage me to write more and share!

That’s how an “ambivert” could come up with his writing pieces to the world…
God bless all!
Keep learning, keep growing! 🙂
For we know each other for a reason, no? 😉

Let it hurt or Let It Go!

yes, it demands for immense courage at times.. But hey! If you could Yourself attract it, You should yourself be capable enough to contain it and let it go! Read more inside! 🙂

Letting Go off something, someone or some thought, is what I’ll write about.. That’s the thing. One of the hardest things to do and one of those most relieving actions a human mind is capable enough of performing!

It’s a big deal, as one of our demons, “EGO”, makes it difficult. And some others too, like Attachment, social conduct, etc. These difficulties make the impact of the thing to be let go off much deeper and realisable, once it’s gone. The following photo tells how attachment could be demon!

But that’s how things work! You can put this like, till the time you learn to let go off things, you cannot learn to have oneness with the self. You cannot have an understanding of the terms like EGO and other demons that keep you away from it, subjectively in each case. In order to omit a demon, your first step towards it has to be realisation. That’s how things go hand in hand! You cannot be relieved till you Let things go and for that, you realise your demons first, face them in the eye and that eventually helps in omitting the demons themselves too!! Or gain control over them, as they say, “You Don’t kill your demons, You Live Above Them!

That’s the very reason you feel relieved.
I’ve quoted the same before, how our mind is that monkey who always needs some or the other thing to play with. Some or the other Thought, always resides within, be it the thought of lacking the thoughts themselves! Be it the Thought of nothingness itself, there Is something always!! (Talking about the average human beings Though 😋 ) Till the time you let go, that thing resides with you, reminding of the damage a memory caused to the heart.. It reminds you how you got affected by that memory. It’s more or less like Punishing yourself every moment you spend with it!

Yes, one of the incidences that occured with me made me write it all down. I myself created something more of an issue. I was thinking about it for much of the time. I myself gave it importance and yet, as it resulted into something much catastrophic or, we can say, much disheartening, I could realise the same! And this realisation itself yielded into another one, leading me to letting go off that Thought! Just the learning remains now for a thought in that crater..
I could see how we ourselves complicate things, whereas they are simplified enough! We just chase it knowingly, despite of it causing damage to our being! Isn’t it stupidity? You create a thought, because of the demons of someone else along with yours playing the smaller role and you get hurt alone by overthinking about it! What else could be more wastefully occupying as compared to that!

Just imagine how much non-returnable time and energy it costs you! Just think of the potential of a loving heart got wasted because of that one Thought!

You CHOOSE to think about the demons of the others and hurt yourself? Does it even sound Legit? Yet, we do the same, knowingly or not, we do!! And it causes pain and suffering..

Letting go off things is like cleaning off your own self created garbage inside your head. Yes, you feel for the crater it created in the mind, the space it vacates, but it’ll heal in no time!

If you’ve had your demons, you are sure to posses some Angels as well!! Think of them! Challenge yourself everytime you feel sad about the craters, for the angels are sure to fill those with productivity and happiness…

Living above your demons doesn’t sum it all up, but trusting your Angels is equally or more pivotal, when it comes to healing…


Yes, Fuel! 
As you read the word, you must be wondering what this blog could be about.. Will it be regarding petrol, diesel, gasoline or some other source of energy? Of course, these first thoughts are likely to strike the mind. But this one has to be something else, as the fuels hardly coincide with my fields of interest, as many of you might be knowing me.. 

But yes, I highlighted the word, “Source of energy” for a reason..

Yes, it’s all about the fuel. You dream something.. You see many people living it.. You want to see yourself as well sharing the same stage.. But what acts as a differentiating factor, is the “Fuel” that leads you there.. 

Now you might say, how petrol could help one achieve one’s goals. Or I took the phrase “hitch your wagon to the stars” too seriously..!

Well, not really..


Certainly, it isn’t petrol.. Rather, it could be anything! It could be the goal itself.. It could be the fear of not reaching the goal.. It could be the sneers of the world challenging your abilities.. It could even be you yourself! 

We all have our fuels, but what really matters is to save it and use it when the time demands. Performance is the need, fuel is the key!

Some forget such fuels, while the others utilise every single bit to make their goal a part of their reality. A fuel is very important to get going. Once a person is short of fuel, he might get lost in the course of time and loose the streak or consistency in tackling various ups and downs between himself and his target. The undulations will try their best to thrash you down to the floor. They’ll break you, beat you, harass you. But what really matters, is getting up again and asking, “That’s all?” Well, that’s the gift of your fuels…


And refueling in regular intervals is, hence, very important! Again, there might be innumerous ways of achieving that. From meditation to an exotic vacation, it could be anything! You have to find out what works the best for you.. But a universal weapon of choice could be introspection.

So, “Hitch your wagon to the star”, guys!! For the fuel is in the air! Grab it and get going!!! 

First person vs Third person

Indian movies tend to always describe the hero as “I never get defeated” kind of a guy. “Bole toh apun toh galat ho hi nahi sakta, samne wale ki hi galati!” And the “saamne wala”, the villain, has to pay for his sins.

But does the same ideology apply to the life? Are we all the heroes and heroines of our respective lives in almost all the situations? Think about it….

We are taught to feel like the Dabangg heroes of our own lives and so, we lead it that way. In a way or so, we actually are, when it comes to working hard and achieving success. 

But what happens to us when we argue with others, is not desirable in a hero. We always see what we want to see but never prefer to see what’s right. Point of views may differ, but there are situations where we refuse to accept the justified and righteous thing. 

It is because we are the heroes and we are always right. That “heroic” sense is the first person. We perform actions and judge them in the first person. We miss out at the real definition of a “hero” But is it right? Ask me and I’ll say,” Not always, dear!”


Whenever arguing with someone or while pondering upon some important confusion in life, think of yourself as a third person, for a while. As if, your mind and soul resides in some other unbiased body, which is simply witnessing your life and is well aware of the concerned events. That state of mind results in one of the best decisions of life! 

People have forgotten to put their feet in the others’ shoes! They have forgotten to question themselves as follows:

  • What if the other person is right?
  • What if it’s my mistake? 
  • If it is, why am I afraid to accept it?
  • And if it’s not, how can I calm the other person down and make him realize the same?
  • What’s stopping me from being fair?


Hence, thinking as a third person makes you realize your mistakes and helps you in analysing your actions. Applying the analysis of “Third person view” (just like a third empire in cricket) into the first person character is the key to solving many of life’s problems.

The above image says it all..

Keeping calm and a thoughtful mind are not the signs of weakness, but that of wisdom. They’re a boon that allow you to analyse yourself, before you could act. That avoids mistakes in life and helps you in building a bold and regret-free character. 


  • Prefer third person view over first and apply the conclusions on first person.
  • Questioning yourself for the sake of analysis is very, very important.
  • Keep your calm, for it lets you think!

Being a hero implies to analysing your mistakes and looking forward in mutual development in life. You don’t always have to prove the other person wrong, but believe in the unbiased right decisions. 

Strength lies in avoiding your mistakes in the first place and accepting and correcting them in the second. And not in loosing your temperament.

Mind of a Third person and implementation in the first person always win…