Game Of Life

This is the post excerpt.


Well, yes! That’s what we all need to learn for life.. 

It’s the game of moments. Life is full of innumerous moments. It gives us innumerous chances to prove ourselves, to shape life as per our norms and live it. Living life the way we want make it change by the course of time. As I stated above, “moments“. You live and invest the moments as you want the scenery of life to look like and it becomes one.. 

I just said the Secret of life in the above lines. Go through them again and think.. 

Now, the heart of the matter. How to stay persistent with that image in the mind till it becomes your reality?

Well, that’s what the game is all about! You HAVE to control your senses to work in the required direction, you HAVE to give up things that hinder you and you HAVE to be unaffected what the world thinks of you and wait till the time your efforts bear the results.. 

I wrote the “have” word in caps because this is the keyword to success. Once you put this caps word to your thoughts or behind your goals, that “I HAVE to become ____” or “I HAVE to have ____ in life”, all the caps “have”s will turn into “I’ll do..” to “I am doing ….” and ,finally, to “I do……” This very transition is the one, which once witnessed, the person simply is known as a Successful person in life.. 

So, keep spending the moments in the wisest possible manner. If you want to see the scenery of yours to turn out to be something specific, all the milestones that come into your way, no matter how adverse they prove to be, become a part of your lifestyle. And when you live the life that you love or you long for, do you need to call it a struggle? 

I don’t think so.. 

So, whatever you want in life, just add the steps to your lifestyle and you are there.. 

As they call it, time is money; it really is.. 

Fear for the Leap to be…

Happiness. It’s totally subjective how one defines it. It wasn’t ever compulsory to coincide, as I’ve mentioned before, that the realities vary with each individual, each book. But it’s also been seen how people tend to escape from the touch of real happiness in life… Ever wondered what keeps them away?

Just give it a thought!

You’ve been fed with values that define the track for your rail to move on. But what about the scenery of the surroundings being missed? The rail just goes on and on, it hardly stops, before the stops declared “mandatory” by the programmer himself. What about the desire that the heart seeks in order to find its sanctity?

The wise say, those sceneries and desire of those are mere Infatuations from letting you reach the destination in time.

But the actuality says (mind you, not the reality!), neither are you aware of the time limit, nor are you sure of the destination to exist at all!!! And so aren’t you sure for the track to be free enough that you make it there straight. There could be one big obstacle that ends it all, sooner than you realise!

Moreover, as you keep on going without quenching the thirst of that miserable heart, the train gets heavier with the luggage named “Regrets”

What meaning does that leave for one to lead such a life? Ask yourself.

If you can afford to miss out on all those sceneries and haults that were worth a watch and live a life much “suppressed” by your own values, then it hardly makes any sense.

And mind you! Even the destinations are as subjective as the realities. They always vary. And the much they vary, the much they pose a chance for you to enjoy the stay.

Now, you are bound to stick to the predefined track, how will you take the hault?
That’s where the title came from. The Leap

It’s the love that you bear for taking that hault to fill the journey with much needed fuel that keeps you going and unload the regrets… Set yourself free!!! Being bound was always an option.

The ones who choose to break the code, live it to their fullest.

The burdened, on the other hand, are least living…

It was never the haults that haunted you to take that leap, but the fears that followed to make a comeback to the convention.

Take that leap. No matter what. The track will be ever going, the load is only meant to increase with each passing day…

It’s the love for yourself that fuels the courage to do so. Show that love to yourself. The moment would never arrive, you yourself are the moment. The moment you realise it, will be the moment of realisation and you are sure to feel the difference…

Did you do it for yourself?

Now, that’s something that I face almost everyday. And that’s pretty painful on my part! Hence, this one had to be put here…
Do you think it’s love that is the centre of all the things happening? I mean, is Love the very source of the responsibilities that people take for one another? I doubt that. I seriously do!
Just look around! The world is full of cowards who live their lives on the lines of what others or what the society defines for them. As if, we live our responsibilities avoiding objections from the society only. As if, we least centre those responsibilities around love and true affection.
Well, if fear of the sayings of the society is what drives your actions, then I doubt you are a corpse in disguise, living your role with no feelings alive, more or less like a lifeless puppet.
That went too harsh, no? But as they say, reality is one bitter truth that has to be accepted, no matter what!
The only thing that’s missing is, _what you want!_
You hardly listen to what the heart needs and what is actually to be carried out for a passion.
If you are unable to talk to your loved one with the much needed affection, just don’t then! ’cause harming that person each time with your harsh and indigestible words is what makes the situation worse! If Living with the person is just a liability, then just don’t! You take the sayings of the society to define your Destiny, then you are simply loading the memories of your stay in the world with bad ones..! What good does it do to one if it least makes him/her happy?
So many dreams succumb to death when one thinks of the outer world. If you want to dance, just do! Society has the least authority to justify your actions to be right or wrong!
Until and unless, it harms others or causes some serious damage that cannot be neglected, it is totally right, if it satisfies your mind and soul.


Life happens, as each second passes. You are traversed by countless situations, leading to emergence of innumerable emotions and yet you get into mental conflicts by analysing them according to the way you’ve been programmed.
Wired, no?
But, the reality today is no different!
The way we’ve been programmed sets the weights with which we weigh certain experiences.
As if, your mind gets divided into two, whether to follow what you’ve been taught or analyse things according to your self defined criteria…
You can see these in terms of bubbles. As in, you grow, with your surroundings changing; you see people changing. And hence, your bubbles grow and get modified accordingly.

The thing that once used to be bad according to the values you’ve been fed with, all of a sudden comes into the “Good” bracket as they become an indespensible part of life! Just think! How drastic that shift could be!

Be it language, your behaviour, your way of dealing with people, your judgements or your attitude!

You start defining your own values as per your own perspective, irrespective of the algorithms you followed before… That’s where the real you comes out. That’s where the picture actually starts to get into its beautification.

Yes, we’ve been programmed to behave in a certain way, analyse things to “judge” them in the slots of “Good” or “Bad” and find our happiness in being the perfect “Shravan Kumar” for our parents. But, where does the hardness required to stand the tide of time lie? Where does the maturity lie, required to face the world at your best?

You define your own lines. No doubt, you’ve been fed with the righteous values to avoid worst of experiences, but it doesn’t mean the world is limited to that very bubble itself! It’s endless beyond, ready to get upon you anytime sooner! And only the ones, who have figured out a way to follow the rigidity of values, with a tinge of flexibility to be welcomed at any moment, tend to survive.

Only those few bit tend to live at their fullest.
Only those bit are able to decode the real meaning of life..

Instrospection, along with a Guru who knows it all, might be a great help in analysing the scenario and form your own values, based on the observations… Or whether to at all form the values, to enjoy that flexibility? Again, your choice only. As you stand to be the only person accompanying yourself till your death and NONE else…

Even I’m so damn away from that “balance” to seek and live. But, the persuit is on and “Change” is the motive of each passing second.
You are likely to fall a prey to be called for a “rebel”, but don’t forget, even the purest of metals were adulterated to offer strength at their best…
I hope, that says it all…

The Teacher

And we are back to the elementary school, where we were spoon fed with all the values and knowledge, reciting with the teacher and writing in our notebooks, with a pencil.

Gone are the days and here we are, where teachers talk just in the name of deadlines. The priorities have changed, to get the marks for fetching a good job!

That’s all, right?
But there’s more to life…

Think about it.

A teacher is the one who teaches us a thing or two, someone who imparts knowledge for the betterment of the society.
But why to limit that to a person alone? Why to remember that vigor of a person only?

Biggest teachers of all? I call it, Life. In fact, many of us do and agree!

Some call it a game, some call it a teacher. We’ll talk about it for a game sometime else, here it’s our best teacher in this one!
Some say the teacher is very harsh. It’s hard to decode what the teacher intends to say! Whereas, others tend to enjoy it’s saying! Yet, there are people who live being least bothered what this teacher has on offer!

No matter how the teacher behaves with you, his sayings have one or the other lesson hidden into the words, it’s just that we are careless as students.

He’s like a drama teacher, with innumerous props to act with. Yes, Props. These props are the emotions. Sometimes, it is Sorrow, followed by Joy. Someday it has dilemmas on offer. and we have to act accordingly! Just like Face Masks! Yet we get affected and see as if they become one with us…
It is just that we don’t seem to like it always.

Neither do we like the monotony of these emotions, yet we tend to get disturbed with the transitions Strange, isn’t it?
But there are seldom the moments where no lesson is involved. whether we like it or not, we are thrown upon by these emotions to test our metal, sometimes irrespective of our comfort zones, sometimes in a pampering and comforting manner.
Ever noticed how a fly tastes honey or something sweet and sticky? Yes, the fly keeps its wings in the air, drinks the honey and flies away. Now, had the fly got her wings wet into the honey, it would have got her wings spoiled forever and would have never been able to escape! it would have got trapped! Same is with emotions.
Consider those emotions and situations to be the honey. Till the time you keep your wings, or the real self away from the situation, easier will it be for you to get through the transition of situations by the course of time, without getting much affected and also having the best of experiences!

You won’t learn to fly, unless you are pushed out of the nest.
And when life does the same for your betterment, you overthink “why”, instead of looking for the apt action required. Bursting the bubbles does hurt, yet helps in viewing the things which were present always, yet hidden.

Now, you’ll ask, where i got this observation from? well, there could be many sources. this particular one was shown by my spiritual Guru, more like a tuition to be at par with the exams that follow.

But, I believe, if you’ve got the vision, hunger for extracting the best of learnings, Life is not that bad for a teacher.

Just seek for the reason of a particular situation being thrown at you and you are sure to come up with your response to it, to play it safe!

Moral of the abstract, you ask?

Life is the best teacher. We just have got to have that vision to neutralize things in the first place, seek for the reason behind the situations and that itself gives the key, to what life demands us to act like or learn from it. This helps in adapting accordingly and with much ease, leading one to strengthening the mindset and bearing whatever life throws upon one.

Hence, being a keen observer and lesson-hungry will set the mind free from worry and pain, supported by ingredients of optimism and Compassion and life will be much easier, to enjoy the stay…

None has escaped the class alive! And yet we choose not to accept the truth and live in pain.

Pain was just a symbol from life’s side, demanding change to be reflected in one’s character. It is just that, one chooses never to pay heed.

Rise above your demons, see the broader picture. The pieces of your fix lie in the riddle itself. You are being too anxious to look at it. Just pause, see and let it go.

And the credit for all this, yet again, goes to the great teacher, named, Life…


Feeling heavier on the inside? Searching for a way out? Yes, you yourself are the key. It’s just the Expression that makes you let go of that and keeps you going! Give a read here…

One of the things that I find myself pathetic at, when it comes to expressing it out live. Have suffered so many times now that, it had become mandatory “to express” it out here now.

Expression. Conveying your thought, mindset or some message through one or the other medium is named as expression. Well, that was its formal side. But is it actually so?

Think about it.

As humans, we are blessed to have emotions, along with the possession of the languages to portray them. Irrespective of the emotion, be it sorrow or happiness, be it anger or pacification. Be it thankfulness or any other that is meant to be stated by the heart, it has to be expressed.

As I mentioned above, “…meant to be stated..” Yes, we all have emotions, but only few exist to be kept within. But, when to express them then? Emotions were never meant to be buried within the heart. It makes it heavy for the person to live with it! We all have faced it innumerous times.

Expression is very important! Else, it itself makes the existence of that emotion futile! No doubt we all have certain emotions to be kept to ourselves only due to the existence of our insecurities, but if we are so uncertain of the arrival of our end, what makes us keep that inside? What makes the point of hiding the emotions?

Expression is the way out. It lets you out whatever lies inside. The medium doesn’t matter, what does is the purity and lack of adulteration till it reaches the person or thing it is meant to be.

Art forms stand out to be a perfect medium of letting out one’s imaginations. Be it anything! From painting, dancing to modern art and music! They give us the colours to portray ourselves inside out, with zero hesitation and feel the freedom of life. It sets us free from what actually restricts us, binds us.

Once you are through with the Expression, you are free from its degradation within and feel lighter than ever!

In my case, its music. Be it any mood, any colour of the reality being observed, any contrast that dwells within, music is the perfect medium for me to let that instantaneous hue of life out and get free from it. I feel it more, I listen to or sing the songs accordingly and get my fix. The musical notes of nature and frequencies coincide with that of mine, as if they create a person himself who’s there to share the conflicts, the pain or the happiness. Doesn’t it happen with you too?

You get to experience the abstract of others’ lives through those frequencies. Even the monotonous nature varies from person to person, depicting one’s state of mind. You get to know one’s sufferings, one’s experiences, one’s dilemmas and one’s learnings, which can be shared in that way!

Credit for all this goes to expression. Had the person not let it out, it would have corroded the soul from within. There are certain stages where they eat you inside out and leave nothing behind. What would you prefer, convey the feeling meant to be? Or let it have you…

When none appears around, it’s the expression of that feeling in one or the other way around to find your fix. No matter what it could be, no matter how intense its effect may be, it has to be let out one or the other day. So why not be it today, where even the very next breathe is haunted by uncertainty?????

And you see, the musicians, actors, dancers, painters, writers etc., are the people who have been successful in life, as they sought the perfect fix for their emotions to be expressed in the right direction! They paved the ways out and used that sense of being true to themselves so beautifully that it created their big names to be remembered forever. It not only shaped their careers, but helped them live a life less ordinary. That’s pretty fascinating!

Be it speech, texts, pictures, paintings, gifts, music, fitness or any other worst of all kind of a medium, that defines you the best; just take it for a weapon and let it out. It’s now or never. And better make it now, for the gift of life is meant to be lived, not let go in vain…..

World is a Library!

And the topic pushed you into curiosity, as to what it could be. Yes, a library, full of books.
You see, we are more than 7 billion. 7 billion different mindsets, 7 billion different individualities, 7 billion different realities and yet, you are the Lead character in your story.

Think about it.

Each individuality is a story, a unique story of its own kind. The way one has been programmed, brought up, fed with experiences and values and chosen to be what one is, sets the genre. Hence, uncountable things can be learnt and implemented from all those. In that regard, we can name each human for a book, be it read or unread.

Just the way books refer to different subjects and genres, so do people. The way those books communicate with the help of words, humans too share their learnings through spoken language. And the storage of these books too takes place under one single roof, the sky… Just the shelves, their countries and homes, differ.

Yet we mistreat one another. We forget the above mentioned fact and neglect those free offerings. If we start noticing, every other second of life can be a learning. Be it the hustle that M.S. Dhoni put in life to reach where he stands today, or be it the rickshaw puller who struggles each day to make both the ends meet and feed his family.

The author you may ask? That’s subjective what the book thinks. Some call Him as God, others believe the book itself is the author. I wouldn’t go in that endless regard, though my mind coincides with the former, with some adulterations of the latter.

And yet, we choose to read less, or, talk and learn from one another. We interact less and spend our times with the distractive media, doing worthless things, investing our energies from where we only deteriorate ourselves.

Creativity is the soul that makes every book unique. Way of interpretations and applications are what make us unique and common at the same time!

Our membership card for this library too comes with a stopwatch named as “Age“, an expiry date, which is why, time is a crucial factor! You are not to stay in this library forever! Hurry up! Make your stay worthy. Learn and apply those ideologies if they happen to be a solution to your jig saw puzzle, to yourself be remembered for a memorable read!

Yes, that stands out to be the soul purpose of staying inside the library, to make your life a quality read, in that limited time period!

And for that, you’ll have to free yourself from the shackles of idealism and other anchors that limit you from reading as many books as possible! Being discrete was never a great option, rather the reason for a book to have no readers and vanish in vain!

Don’t waste time, bearing all those grudges and regrets in the heart. Let it out! Read the book that you want to. Spend your time with the book(s) with whom you feel happy and consider your time spent in quality.

Every read is worth it. E.g., if you read someone that actually made an impact, that’s better than anything. But even if you disagree with the content, you learnt how to neglect things and move on. You learnt how to stick to your own inferences and point of view and keep moving, believing in yourself!

If others try to read you and yet you display denial, up to you. But, you should always be ready to share your learnings with others. That’s how you gather the best of experiences, by experiencing both the sides of the game!

Read those and gather the content you are looking for, before it’s too late. Neither the books, nor are you forever to stay. Read them and broadcast yourself too, before the time’s up!

Time and tide wait for none, and so wouldn’t these invaluable books, exquisite in their own way, celebrating the flaws and creating the magic of their own realities…

Transparency to the Self

Do you know the hardest part of living?

It’s Being transparent to yourself!
Sounds a bit irrelevant, doesn’t it?

You must be thinking how it’s possible to hide anything from yourself? But, alas, we all do hide things from ourselves in one or the other form. We choose not to face them and live a life in fear. No sooner do we realise when those hidden truths about ourselves come up as our weaknesses.

Being true to oneself is what makes one confident. Transparency to self means, seeing the clearer picture in an unbiased manner, indeed leading to strengthening the character. The extent of that clarity to oneself is what makes us differ in terms of mental strength from one another. Hiding things from oneself is an indication of cowardice. Living a life of a coward can be reversed by accepting things the way they are.

The much boldly you face yourself, decides your boldness towards the rest of the world.

Just imagine, a self healing system. How can that system justify its name if all of its sensors are not working with much accuracy? If that “accuracy of observation” is missing, wrong data will be observed and hence, processed to give an undesired output! Same is with the mind. We allow a Haze of various factors to pollute the mindset and we are never able to look at the bigger picture with much clarity. Clear that glass of the window and then look at the magnificence that awaits to be lived.

Transparency renders us with the power to look into the eye of the problem and say, “I’m thorough with myself, you better watch out!”.

Creating discrete sections in the mind has only hampered the evolution of perception and wisdom. One’s mind cannot fly to test one’s limits due to, mainly two factors. Firstly, because of the regrets, that I call as the weights of that Hot air balloon and secondly comes the Haze, that induces “fear” to collide into certain unprecedented obstacle.

Yes, fear. That’s exactly what our doubts about ourselves lead to. “If I long for that extra bit, will I be able to make both the ends meet in my mainstream too?” Or be it any fear. This is what limits us…

Transparency simply blows that Haze of fear away and helps in shooting for the destination the heart longs for.

Whatever the regret may be, get it out of the heart, ASAP! Express whatever lies in the heart, else it becomes so heavy that it cannot stand the tide of time for much longer… Be it right or wrong, as when you express it out, you get to know the authenticity of that regret to be kept in the heart. Once you know it, either you live it, making it a part of your reality or you simply throw it away! In both the cases, you attain “lightness” of living the life.

Now, you know it all!

A little introspection and spending time with yourself helps in judging the Haze and Weights. And once you come to know about those, you are sure to work those out and enjoy the transparency to fill you with courage to dream….
Try it. Might do wonders!