Game Of Life

This is the post excerpt.


Well, yes! That’s what we all need to learn for life.. 

It’s the game of moments. Life is full of innumerous moments. It gives us innumerous chances to prove ourselves, to shape life as per our norms and live it. Living life the way we want make it change by the course of time. As I stated above, “moments“. You live and invest the moments as you want the scenery of life to look like and it becomes one.. 

I just said the Secret of life in the above lines. Go through them again and think.. 

Now, the heart of the matter. How to stay persistent with that image in the mind till it becomes your reality?

Well, that’s what the game is all about! You HAVE to control your senses to work in the required direction, you HAVE to give up things that hinder you and you HAVE to be unaffected what the world thinks of you and wait till the time your efforts bear the results.. 

I wrote the “have” word in caps because this is the keyword to success. Once you put this caps word to your thoughts or behind your goals, that “I HAVE to become ____” or “I HAVE to have ____ in life”, all the caps “have”s will turn into “I’ll do..” to “I am doing ….” and ,finally, to “I do……” This very transition is the one, which once witnessed, the person simply is known as a Successful person in life.. 

So, keep spending the moments in the wisest possible manner. If you want to see the scenery of yours to turn out to be something specific, all the milestones that come into your way, no matter how adverse they prove to be, become a part of your lifestyle. And when you live the life that you love or you long for, do you need to call it a struggle? 

I don’t think so.. 

So, whatever you want in life, just add the steps to your lifestyle and you are there.. 

As they call it, time is money; it really is.. 


Yes, Fuel! 
As you read the word, you must be wondering what this blog could be about.. Will it be regarding petrol, diesel, gasoline or some other source of energy? Of course, these first thoughts are likely to strike the mind. But this one has to be something else, as the fuels hardly coincide with my fields of interest, as many of you might be knowing me.. 

But yes, I highlighted the word, “Source of energy” for a reason..

Yes, it’s all about the fuel. You dream something.. You see many people living it.. You want to see yourself as well sharing the same stage.. But what acts as a differentiating factor, is the “Fuel” that leads you there.. 

Now you might say, how petrol could help one achieve one’s goals. Or I took the phrase “hitch your wagon to the stars” too seriously..!

Well, not really..


Certainly, it isn’t petrol.. Rather, it could be anything! It could be the goal itself.. It could be the fear of not reaching the goal.. It could be the sneers of the world challenging your abilities.. It could even be you yourself! 

We all have our fuels, but what really matters is to save it and use it when the time demands. Performance is the need, fuel is the key!

Some forget such fuels, while the others utilise every single bit to make their goal a part of their reality. A fuel is very important to get going. Once a person is short of fuel, he might get lost in the course of time and loose the streak or consistency in tackling various ups and downs between himself and his target. The undulations will try their best to thrash you down to the floor. They’ll break you, beat you, harass you. But what really matters, is getting up again and asking, “That’s all?” Well, that’s the gift of your fuels…


And refueling in regular intervals is, hence, very important! Again, there might be innumerous ways of achieving that. From meditation to an exotic vacation, it could be anything! You have to find out what works the best for you.. But a universal weapon of choice could be introspection.

So, “Hitch your wagon to the star”, guys!! For the fuel is in the air! Grab it and get going!!! 

The Art of Decision Making…

So, I’m back, yet again with another of my blogs, and it’s about DECISION MAKING.
(what’s so special about it? – Many of you would ask..)
But if you think, it does happen to be an art form itself!
Decision making implies to choosing for a particular action or way of doing a thing in life, with respect to the factors affecting it.
Yes, The Factors.. The moment these come into existence, “confusion” kicks in!
Now, many of my friends must be cursing me for choosing this for a topic, as I’m PATHETIC as hell in making decisions.. 😝
But I was also told that I’m not the only one who researches through the internet to its deepest possible extents before reaching to a final, justified verdict! (Thanks for making me feel normal again!)
Hence, I observed my retard condition (sometimes laughing at yourself teaches you a lot!) and reached to certain tips that might help in saving some time..
Firstly, “Keep it simple, silly!”
Simplicity is the key! The more one keeps the things and choices straight and simple, the more it’s easy to look at them and come up with the required outcome! Complicating things up only leaves one with a jumbled mind, in the middle of nowhere!
Secondly, consider one factor at a time! Thinking about more than one factor at a time might actually lead to unwanted endings of the cycle of thoughts.. (I call it “collision” of thoughts, leading to accidents) Pen down all the factors and think about each one of them, one after the other. (As they say, It’s better late than never! Haste and quickness have a very minute difference!)
Then, of course, comes the lethal thing of all!
Any guesses? (Please make some, though it’ll be told anyway!)
The very famous, the very popular…….
……..OVER THINKING!!!! (I Suffer from this, every now and then.)
Trust me, it’s no less than a syndrome! And there are people who suffer from this, unknowingly! (this is exactly where I find myself lucky enough 😉)
Yes, coming up with useless thoughts out of some other useless thoughts, leading to uncertain decisions in life! That’s what I call as Over Thinking. (Yes, I can write a thesis on it 😝)
Researching is one thing. You think about a thing. You start researching on the internet, searching for its pros and cons, and people’s feedback as well, which is important, especially in money related decisions. But reading the same old stuff again and again.., disturbing others’ conscience for its sake, is what’s no less than the violation of Human rights! You not only affect your peace of mind, but others’ too! All this not only affects the decision, but also the everyday chores!
Hence, in order to make things smooth sailing, prioritising things always helps! Factors too hold certain value accordingly. Hence, it’s always better to pen down things to have a better look at them (as mentioned above) and not to miss out on any of the chief factors, as per priority..
Fourthly, stick to the small conclusion(s). While considering one factor prior to the other, one should stick to the more important one firmly, instead of doubting it again and again, and take the analysis further. It only leads to confusion, suppressing our sense of observing more crucial things.
Fifth and the most important factor! Our intuition.. The gut feeling that we get in the first place for a thing, or that we also refer to as our heart’s voice or the sixth sense, makes it very easy for a person to make quick, yet accurate decisions in life.
Of course, this is the only why Decision Making is taught as a subject in Management courses. I haven’t come across any of such formal articles as yet, but still, I’ve written only conclusions out of my experiences, to save the readers from wasting time and committing mistakes.
After all, we learn from our mistakes only.. I’ve shared some of the learnings.
Please enlighten me and the others with some of your learnings and experiences through the comments!
And (FYI), I also missed out on highlighting the third point. Do comment below what it is! Will mention it right here after at least 10 near about guesses. 😉
All the best with your decisions!
God bless! Keep learning!!!

Am I Living for Myself?

Am I living for myself? 

We might call this as a fundamental question that one should put to oneself, every now and then, for the sake of self -assessment.
Look around! The world is full of people who are not living for themselves. Their choices are a result of the people they are surrounded with. They don’t know how to stand out, confidently with their own mindset and thinking.. 

Going with the trends is what they presume to be right. But that should not be the case always! One should hold to one’s own perspective firmly, despite of the atrocities of life. (Of course, exceptional conditions are always there, trends might not be wrong always.. 😉 )

If my friend went to an exotic vacation, I too want one! If my friend bought a new ride, I desperately want one! If my friend bought an iPhone, I’m ready to sell my kidney, but I want to have one.. 

What is this? Okay, even if you stand with all the money in the world, will you be satisfied after getting the above mentioned stuff? Is that your life’s agenda, to live it in accordance with the others’ life? 

Think about it..

You won’t be at all!

Because ultimately, it was the other person’s longing. You longed for it so as to match up with that person’s life. Amidst all these false pursuits, one just looses out on having a hold over oneself, which is one of the most important things in life!

One should always be practical in life. If my friend went for a vacation, there may be uncountable reasons on his side; be it he managed his time well to fetch some leisure, he is financially sound enough to afford it or any other! On the contrary, if I stand with even a single reason that leaves me to ponder upon it; be it I’m too busy for a vacation, I’m short of finances for it or any other, I should rather focus over the other issues, rather than living a life saddened by an issue which appears to be totally irrelevant for my life, presently..

The Solution? 

Well, it might be subjective, but the most common and “patent” solution of all is known as “Need”. Direct your actions as per their grave need in life, else than just doing it because the other person did it.. That’s possibly the best way to live a highly practical and justified life..

People are living away from their own fabric and going towards material. They say, “Wow, the other person is so happy after possessing that thing, I think I should also have the same, to be happy!”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work quite often.. 

Every other person is Unique! And hence, they have their own equations of life.. One should evaluate himself accordingly and search for the keys accordingly.. 

Celebrate Uniqueness, Shine with the shimmer that lies in Your fabric.. 


Life is all about passion. We’ve heard this statement a million times from our elders, let it be our parents or cousins. But are we actually aware of it? And if “luckily” yes, are we doing anything about it? 

Think about it…

“Beta, Padhle, inn sabse kuchh ni milna! Ban ja kucch!”

One or the other time, we have heard this statement from our parents. But is it so? To some of the extent, YES and to some, it isn’t! 

Academics is a mind game itself. Either you are knowledgeable enough to make it a child’s play. Or you study smart to score well. But in both the situations, you use your brain! And for brain to function in its best efficiency, it needs to be happy! That work or any verb that gives you That “much needed” happiness is PASSION.. 

Every other mind on Earth is programmed to do something that the other cannot do. We just need to pick that thing and work upon it to create the uniqueness and call ourselves as successful. 

 Art is very important. I myself lost the musician in me amidst the race of marks and have not been able to fetch marks either! (Atleast presently 😋 ) All of that is my fault alone! We all are the culprits of the artist who dies inside, if we do not nurture him by practising the art he loves……… 

Our society needs to get the above statement! Every Art in every human being is a gift of nature, a blessing! We need to listen to him and devote some part of our time everyday to it. 

If you paint, portray your heart’s desire everyday! If you sing, practise and nurture yourself like there’s no other voice in the world to match yours! If you dance, dance till your very last breath! And after you’ve put every other breath to your passion, you’ll discover that it becomes the very reason for your existence. It gives you innumerous breaths to “live” and justify “living”.

Just a small caution: Your passion should not hurt anybody else, instead, it should  act as a life-giving medicine to others’ lives and enlighten them..

Take that musical instrument out today to rejoice the musician inside you; pick that brush again and stroke it against the blank canvas with the colours of your thoughts; in short, Start living again.. Practice the art that you’ve been blessed with..

Trust me, if you follow your passion from your heart, “Mummy bhi maan jaengi!” 😉 

Of course academics are important to earn a living (as taught by our system 🙈) But you have to be a multi-tasker, if you want to LIVE. Then that “busyness” won’t be a struggle, it’ll give a goal to you and a reason to make the days count. 

As they say,” Don’t count the days, make the days count!” 


“Stop thinking and talking, Start doing!”

First person vs Third person

Indian movies tend to always describe the hero as “I never get defeated” kind of a guy. “Bole toh apun toh galat ho hi nahi sakta, samne wale ki hi galati!” And the “saamne wala”, the villain, has to pay for his sins.

But does the same ideology apply to the life? Are we all the heroes and heroines of our respective lives in almost all the situations? Think about it….

We are taught to feel like the Dabangg heroes of our own lives and so, we lead it that way. In a way or so, we actually are, when it comes to working hard and achieving success. 

But what happens to us when we argue with others, is not desirable in a hero. We always see what we want to see but never prefer to see what’s right. Point of views may differ, but there are situations where we refuse to accept the justified and righteous thing. 

It is because we are the heroes and we are always right. That “heroic” sense is the first person. We perform actions and judge them in the first person. We miss out at the real definition of a “hero” But is it right? Ask me and I’ll say,” Not always, dear!”


Whenever arguing with someone or while pondering upon some important confusion in life, think of yourself as a third person, for a while. As if, your mind and soul resides in some other unbiased body, which is simply witnessing your life and is well aware of the concerned events. That state of mind results in one of the best decisions of life! 

People have forgotten to put their feet in the others’ shoes! They have forgotten to question themselves as follows:

  • What if the other person is right?
  • What if it’s my mistake? 
  • If it is, why am I afraid to accept it?
  • And if it’s not, how can I calm the other person down and make him realize the same?
  • What’s stopping me from being fair?


Hence, thinking as a third person makes you realize your mistakes and helps you in analysing your actions. Applying the analysis of “Third person view” (just like a third empire in cricket) into the first person character is the key to solving many of life’s problems.

The above image says it all..

Keeping calm and a thoughtful mind are not the signs of weakness, but that of wisdom. They’re a boon that allow you to analyse yourself, before you could act. That avoids mistakes in life and helps you in building a bold and regret-free character. 


  • Prefer third person view over first and apply the conclusions on first person.
  • Questioning yourself for the sake of analysis is very, very important.
  • Keep your calm, for it lets you think!

Being a hero implies to analysing your mistakes and looking forward in mutual development in life. You don’t always have to prove the other person wrong, but believe in the unbiased right decisions. 

Strength lies in avoiding your mistakes in the first place and accepting and correcting them in the second. And not in loosing your temperament.

Mind of a Third person and implementation in the first person always win…

India Vs Pakistan-from my view

“They are going to loose this time.” to “We lost from Pak” transition felt quite harsh for us.

Indian cricket team lost for the very first time in a major international tournament against Pakistan, that too in the finals!

It’s all Virat Kohli’s fault!! Darn every other player of the team!! : Such insane comments were echoing throughout the nation.

Are we that negative in out thoughts? Think again and, if you are one of those futile screamers on the streets, think a hundred times about what follows below..


India won matches against the best of international teams, reached the finals so gracefully and made the nation proud! Nobody pays their heed to that! As if the boys made it to the grand ICC International Tournament Finals just by brooming the fields and maintaining them, instead of playing there!

Yes, it was not our day, it doesn’t mean the players don’t deserve their share of respect! If you want to have some publicity by bursting the TV sets, be it! Because had you been a true cricket fan, let it be a layman like me, you would have respected the players and their efforts. We were in such a great form throughout the tournament, which cannot be ignored because of a night’s bad play!

Accepting a failure in not a failure itself, it’s a learning! If you learn from your mistakes, look forward not to repeat them and omit them completely from your life, you can achieve greatness! And that’s what we should cheer our players for! You never know, they might learn from this failure and become the greatest cricket team on Earth for the next decade!

All of this is only possible with a strong belief of the fans in their heroes…

Bumra missed out because of No Balls, Pandya couldn’t give his best “till the end” because of Major mistake of Jadeja and so on… Every other player did mistakes.. But all of that is a past! If the team feels that much hurt, let this fuel them and let them try again the very next Tournament! And the parents of young players, nurture your children to represent India to that extent, if you don’t want this so much to be repeated by team India.

On the contrary, Indian Hockey Team won against Pak in the Hockey World League by 7-1! What about them? Who was celebrating for our heroes? Don’t they represent India on an International stage? Are they playing for their country, which hardly cheers for them, cares for them? Yes, they still play and that too, like champions. Alas, we hardly know their names and we were busy in cursing Virat and his team.


Question Yourself every time before cursing the players who play their sport as if they worship it and represent more than a billion of us..

I’d love to congratulate Indian Hockey Team for winning the Semi-Final and wish them luck for the finals. And best wishes to the Indian Cricket team for giving their best in the upcoming world titles, learning from their mistakes in the past.

No matter what, learning is important. 


You call it fate?

We all say, “Yes, that’s fate! It was destined to happen one or the other day.”

What is fate? It’s the set of conditions that you are born in, the people whom you meet and certain stages that you come across..

But are the results of your actions guided by the fate? Think about it.

You studied your entire semester, worked hard against every other shortcoming and when you are unable to get the desired results, you call it fate.


Well, let’s first redefine fate.

According to me, consider the life as a game of cards. Fate is limited to the extent of what cards you get to play the game of life. Karma is the way you use those cards to meet the purpose of playing the game. Whatever tricks you apply, whatever actions you perform, become the reason for success or failure.

Focus on the cards that life has served you with. None of others’ cards would work for you. Certain tricks might! 😉

Only for the sake of learning those tricks, we need a GURU in life. A Guru might be our parents, teachers, elder siblings, friends or anyone with the experience.. Or a Spiritual Satguru..

For searching solutions, Silence works the best.

Try to silence your mind for a minute. No thought should enter your mind, just peace everywhere.. (please take a minute and try!!)

Did it work? I bet it didn’t (atleast that easily)!

Silence is what makes us focus on our cards in the best possible manner, to come up with the solutions. And here comes the role of a Guru, who renders you this inner peace by showing you the right path..

For a Guru in life, Keep thinking of a person by heart, who enters your life to unveil the mysteries. As I mentioned in the earlier blog, you live the life that you want the scenery of your life to look like; and soon it becomes one.

Don’t blame the fate! Keep a check on your cards! Always be ready to learn. Respect your current GURUS and always be in the search of the One to set you on the right track.

May Guru bless your fate!