Game Of Life

This is the post excerpt.


Well, yes! That’s what we all need to learn for life.. 

It’s the game of moments. Life is full of innumerous moments. It gives us innumerous chances to prove ourselves, to shape life as per our norms and live it. Living life the way we want make it change by the course of time. As I stated above, “moments“. You live and invest the moments as you want the scenery of life to look like and it becomes one.. 

I just said the Secret of life in the above lines. Go through them again and think.. 

Now, the heart of the matter. How to stay persistent with that image in the mind till it becomes your reality?

Well, that’s what the game is all about! You HAVE to control your senses to work in the required direction, you HAVE to give up things that hinder you and you HAVE to be unaffected what the world thinks of you and wait till the time your efforts bear the results.. 

I wrote the “have” word in caps because this is the keyword to success. Once you put this caps word to your thoughts or behind your goals, that “I HAVE to become ____” or “I HAVE to have ____ in life”, all the caps “have”s will turn into “I’ll do..” to “I am doing ….” and ,finally, to “I do……” This very transition is the one, which once witnessed, the person simply is known as a Successful person in life.. 

So, keep spending the moments in the wisest possible manner. If you want to see the scenery of yours to turn out to be something specific, all the milestones that come into your way, no matter how adverse they prove to be, become a part of your lifestyle. And when you live the life that you love or you long for, do you need to call it a struggle? 

I don’t think so.. 

So, whatever you want in life, just add the steps to your lifestyle and you are there.. 

As they call it, time is money; it really is.. 

Thank You!

It’s been one year for this medium to exist between me and my readers! Beautiful the journey has been and I hope it just continues to be! Happy Reading! Many more to come! 🙂

Well, yeahh! It has been such a beautiful experience for me to be with WordPress.com, all the way through an entire year! Yes, I registered here and started writing my blogs almost one year ago!

How time flies…

The journey wasn’t easy at all. Writing wasn’t the problem, but the learnings didn’t come that easy… They had a cost, almost always.. But, they are forever to stay.

I’d like to thank all the readers for encouraging me, pointing at my flaws so that I could mend them and complimenting my thoughts in their own invaluable ways too!

I’ll say, Overthinking could be put to work too! Haha! I’m a very Bad Overthinker, I must say! But it finally found its way, through my writing and my music. I haven’t done anything so far to broadcast my music, it’s been writing so far that I could come up with.

But yes, that’s how you make it. That’s how, you live out of the pieces thrown at you! I haven’t done anything incredible, I believe. But, if any of my blogs has helped out any of my readers in the slightest possible manner, I’ll call myself successful. For that stood to be one of the few reasons that made me write my thoughts on a broader level. So that, sharing could ease out the bearing.

And they say so right! So will I go and write for many years to follow!

I just hope, you keep reading my blogs in the similar fashion, for you only encourage me to write more and share!

That’s how an “ambivert” could come up with his writing pieces to the world…
God bless all!
Keep learning, keep growing! 🙂
For we know each other for a reason, no? 😉

Let it hurt or Let It Go!

yes, it demands for immense courage at times.. But hey! If you could Yourself attract it, You should yourself be capable enough to contain it and let it go! Read more inside! 🙂

Letting Go off something, someone or some thought, is what I’ll write about.. That’s the thing. One of the hardest things to do and one of those most relieving actions a human mind is capable enough of performing!

It’s a big deal, as one of our demons, “EGO”, makes it difficult. And some others too, like Attachment, social conduct, etc. These difficulties make the impact of the thing to be let go off much deeper and realisable, once it’s gone. The following photo tells how attachment could be demon!

But that’s how things work! You can put this like, till the time you learn to let go off things, you cannot learn to have oneness with the self. You cannot have an understanding of the terms like EGO and other demons that keep you away from it, subjectively in each case. In order to omit a demon, your first step towards it has to be realisation. That’s how things go hand in hand! You cannot be relieved till you Let things go and for that, you realise your demons first, face them in the eye and that eventually helps in omitting the demons themselves too!! Or gain control over them, as they say, “You Don’t kill your demons, You Live Above Them!

That’s the very reason you feel relieved.
I’ve quoted the same before, how our mind is that monkey who always needs some or the other thing to play with. Some or the other Thought, always resides within, be it the thought of lacking the thoughts themselves! Be it the Thought of nothingness itself, there Is something always!! (Talking about the average human beings Though 😋 ) Till the time you let go, that thing resides with you, reminding of the damage a memory caused to the heart.. It reminds you how you got affected by that memory. It’s more or less like Punishing yourself every moment you spend with it!

Yes, one of the incidences that occured with me made me write it all down. I myself created something more of an issue. I was thinking about it for much of the time. I myself gave it importance and yet, as it resulted into something much catastrophic or, we can say, much disheartening, I could realise the same! And this realisation itself yielded into another one, leading me to letting go off that Thought! Just the learning remains now for a thought in that crater..
I could see how we ourselves complicate things, whereas they are simplified enough! We just chase it knowingly, despite of it causing damage to our being! Isn’t it stupidity? You create a thought, because of the demons of someone else along with yours playing the smaller role and you get hurt alone by overthinking about it! What else could be more wastefully occupying as compared to that!

Just imagine how much non-returnable time and energy it costs you! Just think of the potential of a loving heart got wasted because of that one Thought!

You CHOOSE to think about the demons of the others and hurt yourself? Does it even sound Legit? Yet, we do the same, knowingly or not, we do!! And it causes pain and suffering..

Letting go off things is like cleaning off your own self created garbage inside your head. Yes, you feel for the crater it created in the mind, the space it vacates, but it’ll heal in no time!

If you’ve had your demons, you are sure to posses some Angels as well!! Think of them! Challenge yourself everytime you feel sad about the craters, for the angels are sure to fill those with productivity and happiness…

Living above your demons doesn’t sum it all up, but trusting your Angels is equally or more pivotal, when it comes to healing…


Whenever in the darkest of the hours, you’ve got to talk to yourself. There’s just one engine that pulls you out of that well of dilemma and failure; Your Own Will… A short read this time.. #TalkToTheSelf

Yes, Will. One of the elements that we or atleast I fail to notice every now and then. A gift of nature, to almost every other living being on this planet, its Will.

Think about it.

No matter what your discrepancies had been in the past. No matter how those small crevices in the character have resulted into fathomless trenches now. It could all be possible because you Let go off things..

Just now, I watched a couple of inspirational videos by Eternal Explorer on the YouTube. Both of them emphasised on “Vision” and “Uniqueness of Oneself”. That forced me to think and I could barely ignore the fact, that whatever has made such a simple life to be complicated, is the result of lack of that vision. It is a result of the lack of that very “Will” that could have made all the difference.

Just show Will towards changing. Just display dedication to your visions.
It’ll be a matter of a mere Blink of an eye the moment you realise that all this time, it was Your Will that was missing in Turning the things your way.

You want to look good and feel better by following a healthier lifestyle. But you are unable to.. Ever asked why? Because you never showed that will towards seeing yourself that way. You never spent time with yourself, visualising yourself as a lean and fit person. You never showed that “Will” towards transforming into a better you.

When are you going to be tired of being the sluggish yourself? When are you going to be tired of baring with the pathetic state of yours that you live with, Shamelessly?- Yes, Say this to yourself if you are lost in the persuit of nothing… Do whatever works for you, but remember, Time is ticking… It barely gives a damn to what you are doing. It barely stops, it barely turns back like that in the Avengers… Just remember this.
It’s with you. It’s just that you don’t want to look at yourself in the eye and feel it strong. You don’t want to feel that will, that directs you to the goals. You are in harmony with the careless one you live to be and least want to live the Extraordinary, THE UNIQUE YOU!!!

Coz when you will, no matter what you have, no matter what distractions you come across, no matter what attrocities fall in front of you; till the time you feel the Content, the Will and the Vision, You Are Unstoppable.

That “Will” is the only chance that can bring you back and nothing else, none else…
That too in just a Blink of an eye! Mark it before it’s too late…

Bitter world we live in…

Yes, I might change the Title later, but that’s exactly how it tasted as I went through my latest experience…

I myself quoted in one of the earlier blogs, “Everyone has one’s own reality, none practises the authority to direct the others’.”

Then what’s the point of loving someone?
What meaning and authority does it render Love for it’s mere existence in this “bitter world”?
Either you love someone with all your might or you don’t. Pain doesn’t lie in the latter, but in the former…

In many of our spiritual discussions and incidences, we are told to love and feel attachments on our outer shell only and let it nurture and perish there itself… But ever wondered? It isn’t simple at all… You see, even the outer shell is in connection with the inner soul… The roots of those outer shell are a part of us only!

And the learned would say, I’m giving excuses, it’s very much possible. This is why they are called “learned” and I’m another of those “less learned”, still seeking into life..

Don’t confuse this love in its mere form of romance and all alone! It could be for your friend, parent, anyone!!!

Of course, the authority of suggesting the other to the best of your knowledge, for the sake of his/her benefit, is what we call to be a part of our love for the other person. The main thing kicks in, as the other person ignores your suggestion or advice and knowingly continues to harm oneself!

That’s where the pain comes as a courtesy of love and you feel like the most Helpless, Powerless person on the Earth!!!!!

Ever been through that catastrophic boundary that restricts you? Think of it and you’ll realise, how life turns out to be and makes you give a title like the one above to your blog…

You start seeing world to be baseless, as your love for the other person is least valued and least felt! As if, all your investment into that went in vain!

Well, all you can do, as suggested by one of my friends, is Let go off that person or simply “stop caring!” Yes, it sounded to me like “Stop loving” that person… And if letting off that person was at all an easy play, why would anyone love the other in the first place? Then, are we all supposed to be narcissists in the first place?

I don’t believe it. Or i just don’t want to believe in it..

Please! Believe in love! In the first place, to the people being loved, Please don’t disappoint the other person who has put his heart to you and all he wants is your good. Respect that thing, value it and justify your actions accordingly. Being truly loved is a matter of immense privilege and shear luck in today’s times! Taking it for granted, has to be one of the biggest crimes in one’s own eyes…

And to the lovers, if you have come this far to put your heart, share memories in both good and bad times, consider this moment to be another of those worse ones. PATIENCE and BELIEF are the keys! It is sure to pay off…

Hope the true friendships, true relationships still exist and are blessed to outlast infinity…


Life, is uncertain. Neither do we know when we fall, nor do we know till when we’ll keep up risen against the tide of time. We have our respective concrete beliefs and yet, they fall weak as one or the other situation arises that we fall short of answers for… Our belief, being the library and a key to all the problems or a guide for our actions, appears helpless!

Uncertainty induces fear and yet, could be sought for the strongest source to mental strength as well!

In fact, it allows you to test your beliefs and ammend them accordingly. The more you expose yourself to uncertainty, the more you get to know how firmly you hold upon your beliefs and to what extent they have been right.

Following a strict straight line was never a solution! Maybe it was, but till the time you won’t deviate in a controlled manner, you won’t get to value the straightest of lines in the required manner…

The kind of peace that you prefer to live in, might have weakened you! You never know! Deviation is important. Understanding the real meaning of Uncertainty is important.

You are least aware of the very next breathe. And yet, in order to tackle uncertainty, you set rules? Are you even aware of the fact whether at all you’ll get the chance to apply those rules?

Thinking of all those rules has already wasted so much time of yours… This moment is now! It’s right here! And till the time you realise its existence, it has already passed away!

The way, at what exact timing and the thing that made you laugh, won’t make you laugh in the exact manner ever again, once it passes away! So, why to miss out on the laughter?? (Ask yourself)

Thinking of uncertainty has only suppressed one from real self and real happiness.

The solution, you ask?

Embrace the uncertainty… Enjoy it.

Uncertainty isn’t a weakness, but a strength that encourages you to live each moment to its fullest. And rather focus on keeping life as light as possible.

You won’t even have to try to put upon more pressure, where you’re already sure to find yourself under responsibilities and the rituals. Hence, your brain works just for the required stuff alone, being light in its best state, worrying about the least, but happiness…

Now, breaking the code of society for your happiness (till the time it’s harmless to others) is a whole different topic.
But yes, firstly, focus on what you already possess and how you haven’t yet been able to make the fullest out of that itself.

Uncertainty was never a foe, but a friend, who pushed you to fly!

You are as new as the new born chick in the nest, who’ll have to fly at some or the other point. Till the time you don’t embrace the uncertainty of harming yourself, you won’t be able to take the leap towards flying! Your beliefs be your wings, you get to know them better only when you bet on them and simply take that one step further…

Uncertainty was never a challenge, our fears and doubts about our beliefs and our own self were…

Accept it and Focus on the dream of life to come true your way and it all vanishes away in the blissful hue of satisfaction…

Fear for the Leap to be…

Happiness. It’s totally subjective how one defines it. It wasn’t ever compulsory to coincide, as I’ve mentioned before, that the realities vary with each individual, each book. But it’s also been seen how people tend to escape from the touch of real happiness in life… Ever wondered what keeps them away?

Just give it a thought!

You’ve been fed with values that define the track for your rail to move on. But what about the scenery of the surroundings being missed? The rail just goes on and on, it hardly stops, before the stops declared “mandatory” by the programmer himself. What about the desire that the heart seeks in order to find its sanctity?

The wise say, those sceneries and desire of those are mere Infatuations from letting you reach the destination in time.

But the actuality says (mind you, not the reality!), neither are you aware of the time limit, nor are you sure of the destination to exist at all!!! And so aren’t you sure for the track to be free enough that you make it there straight. There could be one big obstacle that ends it all, sooner than you realise!

Moreover, as you keep on going without quenching the thirst of that miserable heart, the train gets heavier with the luggage named “Regrets”

What meaning does that leave for one to lead such a life? Ask yourself.

If you can afford to miss out on all those sceneries and haults that were worth a watch and live a life much “suppressed” by your own values, then it hardly makes any sense.

And mind you! Even the destinations are as subjective as the realities. They always vary. And the much they vary, the much they pose a chance for you to enjoy the stay.

Now, you are bound to stick to the predefined track, how will you take the hault?
That’s where the title came from. The Leap

It’s the love that you bear for taking that hault to fill the journey with much needed fuel that keeps you going and unload the regrets… Set yourself free!!! Being bound was always an option.

The ones who choose to break the code, live it to their fullest.

The burdened, on the other hand, are least living…

It was never the haults that haunted you to take that leap, but the fears that followed to make a comeback to the convention.

Take that leap. No matter what. The track will be ever going, the load is only meant to increase with each passing day…

It’s the love for yourself that fuels the courage to do so. Show that love to yourself. The moment would never arrive, you yourself are the moment. The moment you realise it, will be the moment of realisation and you are sure to feel the difference…

Did you do it for yourself?

Now, that’s something that I face almost everyday. And that’s pretty painful on my part! Hence, this one had to be put here…
Do you think it’s love that is the centre of all the things happening? I mean, is Love the very source of the responsibilities that people take for one another? I doubt that. I seriously do!
Just look around! The world is full of cowards who live their lives on the lines of what others or what the society defines for them. As if, we live our responsibilities avoiding objections from the society only. As if, we least centre those responsibilities around love and true affection.
Well, if fear of the sayings of the society is what drives your actions, then I doubt you are a corpse in disguise, living your role with no feelings alive, more or less like a lifeless puppet.
That went too harsh, no? But as they say, reality is one bitter truth that has to be accepted, no matter what!
The only thing that’s missing is, _what you want!_
You hardly listen to what the heart needs and what is actually to be carried out for a passion.
If you are unable to talk to your loved one with the much needed affection, just don’t then! ’cause harming that person each time with your harsh and indigestible words is what makes the situation worse! If Living with the person is just a liability, then just don’t! You take the sayings of the society to define your Destiny, then you are simply loading the memories of your stay in the world with bad ones..! What good does it do to one if it least makes him/her happy?
So many dreams succumb to death when one thinks of the outer world. If you want to dance, just do! Society has the least authority to justify your actions to be right or wrong!
Until and unless, it harms others or causes some serious damage that cannot be neglected, it is totally right, if it satisfies your mind and soul.